American Siding Installation

Building Exterior Facade Control

  • The external facade should be checked to ensure that the panels and the auxiliary profiles are smooth and aesthetic-looking.
  • Bonus Stone Wool boards should be placed the starting elevation of horizontal installing panels should be defined on all facades.

Creating the Load-Bearing Framework of Facade with PVC Box Profiles

  • PVC profiles should be aligned on rope and scale, and then fixed.
  • Dowel screws used in fixing the PVC box profiles should have maximum 60cm distance between them.
  • The used dowels and screws should be tightened given that they don't damage the form or the quality of the material.
  • The width of the stone wool plates should be 60cm to ensure that no thermal bridge is created in the spaces between PVC box profiles.

Sheathing Facade with Thermal Insulation Board

  • Bonus Stone Wool plates should be mounted properly between PVC Box Profiles and tightened to protect the building surface from all types of weather conditions, ensure fuel saving and reduce the thermal transfer between two mediums at different temperatures.
  • Bonus Stone Wool boards should be places without any gaps not to create any thermal bridges.
  • Bonus Stone Wool boards that need to be scaled should be cut perfectly according to the required size and placed only then.

Wrapping Facade with Moisture Barrier

Moisture barrier enables the building walls to be protected against moisture by enabling the vapor created inside the building to condensate outside.

  • The moisture barrier with a vapor regulator feature should be fixed to the PVC box profiles in a way that it will wrap the building completely.
  • The moisture barriers should overlap each other for 10cm on vertical and horizontal joints.
  • The moisture barrier should be placed horizontally on to the building.
  • The moisture barrier should wrap the entire building surface without any break.

Mounting Auxiliary Profiles to the Surface

  • After establishing the load bearing system from zero bad to the roof using PVC Box Profiles, all auxiliary profiles in line with the architectural details of the building should be mounted.
  • An ultimate attention should be given to the window case breaking at 90 degrees connection points of J channel profiles and frames with tympan.
  • All auxiliary profiles should fully lock into each other.

Finishing Facade with Panels

  • While mounting American Siding panels, the panels should be screwed right to the center of the load-bearing system through the assembly holes.
  • American Siding panels should lock into each other fully.
  • American Siding coating panels should be applied by leaving tolerance spaces for the expansion that may arise due to thermal differences at points that they are locked to the auxiliary profiles from both sides.
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