Plan Your Project


1. Step


Determine the purpose of the application that you consider for your external facade. You may have one or more reasons.

  • I would like to save fuel.
  • I would like to add value to my house.
  • I would like to protect my house from external factors and prolong its life.
  • I would like to upgrade the class in Energy Performance Certificate.
  • I would like to keep my house warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • I would like to prevent my house to take in water from the external facade.

2. Step


The rich product and alternative options in thermal insulation applications make the decision process harder today. Outlining the qualities of the solution that you need would help you while making your decision.

  • It should be a long-lasting material.
  • It should provide heat saving.
  • It should not create an additional maintenance cost.
  • It should be light and not apply overload to my house.
  • It should be fire-resistant.
  • It should be durable. It should adapt to the natural conditions.
  • It should look aesthetic, and pleasing to the eye.
  • It should increase the value of my house.

3. Step


Review the buildings that gained value with American Siding. Take inspiration from these examples while identifying the best model and color for your own building.

4. Step


You may need an expert to get detailed information regarding your building. The free survey that will be conducted onsite will enable you to learn more about your building and help you select the best materials.

5. Step


Look at the references of the contractor that you took an offer from. The experiences of people, who had used the same service before, will help you make up your mind.

6. Step


Decide on the best solution for your building after completing all the previous steps. The most important thing in this process is to provide materials that ensure insulation against all types of tough weather conditions throughout the life cycle of the building by enabling the building to breath and by not creating any fire risk nor requiring any maintenance cost.

American Siding package system is in line with this definition. It is a reliable thermal installation product with its contribution to sustainability along with its all other qualities.

7. Step


You will be amazed to see how fast and practical American Siding Thermal Insulation System is compared to the classical plastered exterior thermal insulation applications.

The fact that the environmental pollution will be at the minimum level during the application process and the application process will be completed faster compared to alternative facade applications will enable you to not compromise from your living comfort and to achieve aesthetic saving rapidly.

You won't have to think about any painting/maintenance work for the external walls of your building and you will be able to create resource for your other needs thanks to the saving that you had made.

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