Energy ID Certificate


"Energy ID Certificate" is a document which includes the details related with the building energy need and energy consumption classification of the building at minimum, insulation properties and heating and/or cooling systems efficiency to ensure protection of the environment, prevention of wasting energy, and using energy and energy sources of buildings efficiently and effectively. Energy ID certificate is a kind of identity certificate for your building.

Energy Performance Certificate that had begun to be applied as of 1 January 2011 based on Building Energy Performance (BEP) regulation is mandatory for the new buildings. And all the old buildings with or without insulation are required to get their Energy Performance Certificate until 2020. Using the insulation materials at the right thickness in all insulation applications on your building enables the building to play a remedial role in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission classes, and these information enables the building's real estate value to increase as they are indicated on the building's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). After 2020, it will not be possible to sell or rent residences without an EPC.

Let your Building be Class A with the American Siding Heat Insulation System!

Buildings treated with the American Siding Heat Insulation System have the highest class energy identity certificate thanks to Bonus Stone Wool used in the system. The buildings treated with the Bonus Stone Wool, a fire-resistant, water-repellent heat and sound insulation material and American Siding system enable up to 55% energy saving and the building becomes resistant against outdoor weather conditions.

The environment-friendly Bonus Stone Wool with 96% natural fiber both provides energy saving and prevents negative impacts such as noise and sound, thus creating a peaceful environment in your home. Bonus Stone Wool with Class A1 fire resistance, offers safe insulation solutions at buildings with sound and fire insulation advantage in addition to energy saving.

Breathing Buildings, Comfortable Habitats

In the American Siding heat insulation system application, by using humidity barrier in the system's infrastructure, potential water and humidity passage is prevented and the buildings breathing is enabled. As a result, American Siding heat insulation system offers comfortable and hygienic habitats away from negative factors such as humidity, damp and mold.

American Siding heat insulation system offers both safe and aesthetic insulation means thanks to the load advantage it has compared to alternative exterior facade applications. It beautifies your habitats with its aesthetic and nostalgic look, and adds value to your buildings.


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