Why American Siding?


Protects Your Home Like a Shield


American Siding Shield Color technology protects the siding panels against the deformations that may be caused by the solar rays with thermal diffusion agents.

Savings Up To 55%

American Siding Sheathing System ensures up to 55% saving on application structures with its perfect insulation ability.

Under Warranty

American Siding system ensure comfort throughout the life cycle of the building with 50 years long comprehensive guarantee. The application is controlled periodically by the manufacturer company's technical team.

Non-flammable Inorganic Structure

Non-flammable and self-extinguishing thanks to the inorganic structure in the formula of the coating panels.

Protection Against Corrosion and Humidity

The vapor regulator and the stone wool plates used in system infrastructure provide both thermal and fire resistance. By preventing transfer of moisture to the interior surfaces from the exterior surfaces thanks to the vapor regulator, it protects the aired space and ensures stable, dry air within the system. American Siding Sheathing System prolongs the life of exterior walls, prevents the damage of load-bearing columns and beams, and protects against corrosion. Prevents the formation of mold and bacteria on internal walls.

Much Lighter Than Alternatives

By applying much less load to the facade sqm compared to alternative (traditional) facade applications, it prevents the main structure to be under overload.

Resistant up to 180km/h

Provides extra resistance on building corners thanks to American Siding system elements and resists winds up to 180km/h.

Practical and Fast Assembly

Enables fast and secure assembly thanks to the special lock system on American Siding panels.

Long-Lasting Aesthetic Insulation

Thanks to its ability to work under even the toughest conditions such as temperature differences, earth movements, seasonal conditions, American Siding Sheathing System protects your building for years with its unfading colors and undisturbed form.

No Paint-Maintenance Cost

No paint maintenance cost is required throughout the building life cycle in buildings where American Siding Sheathing System is applied.

Dark Matte Colors

American Siding Shield Color technology protects the colors of the siding panels against the UV rays of the sun using acrylic materials in dark matte colored (Platinum and Private color groups) products.


American Siding panels are produced in the thickness of 1.10mm, and offers high strength, rigidity and impact resistance.


American Siding Sheathing System panels ensure ease of cleaning by providing full harmony with the nature since it is produced as semi-glossy.

Right Choice

An environmentally-friendly system compared to the alternative coating materials with its inorganic structure and environmentally friendly production technology.
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